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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting to Lose (in a good way!)

I see my doctor who prescribed my Topamax again on the 22nd of February.  I want to get a batter on the 3rd for my scale and weight myself in the mornings naked.  Oh, and naked after a large bowel movement to let me know how much exactly I could  be carrying around because of chronic constipation from my EDS.

I asked DH if he thought I'd stayed the same and he said I'd either lost weight or the weight was redistributed.  I'm happy either way because he said my face is thinner.  Yay! I love my face shape and the rounding I was getting wasn't nearly as pretty.

I want to get back down to the way I was when I met Jim, a size 12 (I was a small 12).  No one ever believed that I wore I size 12.

I want to document my weight loss here.

January 1st:
Dress size: 26
Weight: 249 lbs

January 7th
Dress size: 26
Weight: 247 lbs

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flare Day #1

Today I ate:

3 pancakes
sugar free syrup
tortilla chips crumbs from the bottom of the bag
whipped peanut butter sandwich on 2 pieces white bread
chicken and dumplings

Friday, January 14, 2011

Renewing January goal

It's hard to eat a healthy diet when what is available to eat varies so much each day.  In the last two weeks I haven't had to go to bed hungry because we had no food.  I've never had to do that before.  It is a humbling experience to not have enough money to eat.  If we weren't supporting six people on two people's disability checks then we wouldn't be out of food.  That's another story though.

My problem is I can't plan what I'll have to eat tomorrow and certainly not a few days down the line.  We have to eat cheap lately.  I've been requesting fruit instead of junk food, which isn't cheap, but right now we are swinging it.

I'm having problems doing the exercise bike because of the pain.  Every night I swear to myself I'll do it tomorrow and then every day I can't bring myself to work through the pain.  I do feel as if I'm a bit of a failure.  The food part isn't my fault, and I'm quite proud of some of the food choices I've made lately.  I know I should do 5 minutes on the bike two times a week but I haven't.

So here is a renewal of my January goals:

I will do the bike 5 minutes two times a week.

I will start tomorrow.  Tonight is too late and in the evenings and at night my body is in way too much pain to exercise.  By nighttime I'm usually sore to my own touch.

So, here's to a goal renewal!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 1 Sunday 2011

I went grocery shopping, it was the first I was able to leave the house in awhile.

1 cherry poptarts pack
french fries
ketchup only crispy chicken
Ritz crackers

Week 1 Saturday 2011

2 cherry poptart packs
2 1/2 breakfast burritos
2 bowls of choco cereal
skim milk